Manifesto. Against the criminalization of solidarity with the Palestinian people

14 June 2019 21:23   

In view of the decision of the Audiencia Nacional [National High Court]  first to prosecute, and after denying the dismissal of the case followed against Ángeles Maestro and two other compañeras for sending funds to the Palestinian people, while it has ordered the opening of the Sumario Ordinario [Common Proceedings] for collaboration with a terrorist organization, the undersigned persons declare that:

    - The charge against the three comrades for collaboration with a terrorist organization, based on the collection of funds for the reconstruction of healthcare facilities destroyed by the Israeli army, which also caused thousands of deaths and injuries in 2014 and 2015, lacks any legitimacy. The penalties provided for in the Penal Code range from two to ten years' imprisonment and fines of three times the amounts delivered.


    - The pretext used to justify bringing charges -- that these funds were handed over to the Palestinian leader Leila Khaled, a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which the EU considers to be a terrorist organisation -- is unacceptable. Leila Khaled is a symbol of her people's resistance and is repeatedly invited - as on the above occasion - by city councils such as those of Barcelona and Madrid and by various academic and social institutions. During these visits she has made public statements in defense of the Palestinian people's struggle against the Israeli occupation, without her activity having been hindered in any way.


    - The decision of the Audiencia Nacional, as well as the persecution carried out against members and institutions of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, is an attempt to repress the legitimate feelings of solidarity with the Palestinian people, which are widespread in our society.

Because of all of this we demand:

    - That all accusations against these compañeras be withdrawn, as well as the cessation of all repression against the activity of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

    - That the Spanish State stop sanctifying juridical initiatives promoted in the final analysis by the State of Israel, which seeks not only to achieve  impunity in the massacres it perpetrated against the Palestinian people, but also to silence the voices and solidarity activities that denounce these massacres.

Finally, we call on all categories of social, trade union and political organisations to resist being intimidated and to intensify their efforts to express their legitimate solidarity with the Palestinian people. We also call on the media that define themselves as independent to break the silence that surrounds both the Israeli attacks against Palestine and the repression against the solidarity movement.

John Catalinotto